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Hands-On Therapeutic Game Workshop

Upcoming Workshop

Innovate from within our field, learn engagement design. Create simple therapeutic game interfaces to transform preparatory exercise and sensory interventions, fine tuning that just-right challenge with a game. Capture key stroke data from therapeutic gameplay for quicker documentation. Topics are adaptable for therapists and educators in multiple settings and populations.

Workshop Details

Upcoming in 2020
EMU, Ypsilanti

Sponsored by: Eastern Michigan University

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5 contact hours awarded for participation.

Space is limited so reserve your spot today!

for Occupational, Recreational & Speech Therapists, COTAs, & Educators

Here are some examples of therapeutic games paired with an interface!

As seen in OT Practice!


Use a blow switch with  a game to address oral-motor goals.

Transform a finger strengthener to be more occupation-based.

Just a few simple materials created the Taste Switch, a sensory interface. 

Extend the fine-motor fun of LEGOs by making it into a game controller

Integrate therapeutic gaming into your practice



We come to you!
  • Therapeutic gaming

    • Computer games​

    • Xbox Adaptive Controller

  • Makerspace tools

    • Computerized Embroidery

    • 3D printing

    • Digital Die Cutting

    • Pyrography



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